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Monday, April 16, 2012

I have a DREAM...... Do YOU?

Hi everyone, So, this is my third week with Ameriplan and it is going better! I am going through a lot of training, but I am learning so much! I can't wait to start seeing the money roll in. I am placing ads and sending emails, but I still have a fear of the phone. I know I won't be cold calling, because my leads have requested the information about starting a home business, but it still frightens me. I guess it is fear of rejection. I really believe in what Ameriplan has to offer and I see that so many people have benefited from this company by either using the benefits or working it as their home business. I know I will succeed with this business. There is too many toold available to me to fail. I really hope I can make people understand that I can help save them so much money by using the Health benefits we offer. Making money is a whole other ballgame. This company has such a great reputation and is a very solid, legitimate company. I expect to work really hard and I am making a promise to myself that I will not give up before the blessing! Because I know it is coming! I have turned my whole attitude around and I know having a positive attitude and being grateful, I will reap the benefits. it is really hard to be around someone who hasn't been able to find happiness in their life. I unfortunately have always surrounded myself with those types of people and it made me have an unhappy life. Not ever again. I will not let anyone steal my joy again! I am really excited about the path I am on and I know someone is going to want to be on the path with me. Who wouldn't want to live happily and peacefully? If you don't, then I know you don't belong on my team. I do not mean that in a mean or judgemantal way, but I want to surround myself with people who want to live their dreams and know and have faith that their dreams can come true! If you want to be on my team and you have a great and happy attitude then I would love to have you! Leave a comment, send me an email, sign up for my blog, or visit my website @ http://www.freedomathometeam.comJackieM

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