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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Motivation and Inspiration

I love anything that is inspirational or motivational! That is why I will be posting anything that lifts me up! Feel free to share with me your blog on motivation and inspiration. I would love to see more of it! There is way too much negativity in the world and I was letting it control my life by the people I was surrounding myself with. I had to stop for my own well being. and sometimes people may not understand why you need to move on and I know it is hard for us to9 move on, but I promise in the end you will be so much happier! I have had to stop relationships with friends because there was always something bad coming out of their mouths and it's like they liked the drama so they let it rule their lives. Well, I chose not to let it rule my life and I am at peace with my life while I strive to be the best person I can be. It isn't always easy to leave a relationship even if they are unhealthy ones, but if you truely want to change the life you are leading, it must be done!I am very new to all of this positive thinking stuff, but since I started being happy and content with my life, instead of always complaining and feeling like a victim of life, I find that I am truely blessed! Be happy and live life to your fullest, on your terms! Stay tuned for more on Ameriplan and my journey! Jackie

My Benefits with Ameriplan

Hey everyone, So I just wanted to share with you all the Benefits that Ameriplan offers for your whole family! If you are anything like me, then you don't have any kind of health insurance. That was my main attraction to Ameriplan. I have a medical issue that I have to see my Doctor once a month and my payment is $125 and then my medication was almost $400 a month. Since I started using Ameriplan my prescriptions have almost split in half and my monthly Dr's. visit is at $75. What a huge financial relief that was for me! On top of that, a medication I used to take gave me really bad problems with my teeth and the dental benefits I get with Ameriplan are going to be great. I found out it will cost me at least 50% less than without using the Ameriplan Dental benefit!So anyway just thought I would give a SHOUT OUT to the Amerpaln Benefits! If you do not have insurance or have poor coverage, you should think about giving Ameriplan a try. Check it out at Jackie Mower

My First Blog Post about Ameriplan!

Hello Everyone,

My name is Jackie Mower. I am 33 yrs old and a mom and wife. I have 3 beautiful daughters, Kassadie 11, Sarah 8, and Addison 4. My husband is Zach. We live in Memphis, Tn. I am currently in college so I can earn a degree in Business Management.

 I have always wanted so badly to be able to work at home and  take care of my family, so I have been searching for about 5 yrs now. I have known about Ameriplan for all of these 5 yrs but I had always been to skeptical to join. Finally, sometime around September of 2011 I some ended up on Kristie Wooten's Ameriplan IBO page and I requested an interview, or more information. I opened every email and remained skeptical until March 2012. I had received so many emails from Kristie, and I always had Ameriplan in the back of my mind. So in March, during the promotion Ameriplan was doing, I decided I would sign up. I went back and forth all month long and finally signed up on the last day, March 31st. I am really excited and a lot overwhelmed at this point. It has been almost 2 weeks since joining and I haven't even started marketing yet. I know, your saying "What are you waiting for?", and to be honest I don't know. I am so pumped up and ready to get started but I really don't know what to do next. So, starting today I am maketing a promise to myself to start marketing tomorrow! No ifs, ands, or buts about it!

Ok, so the purpose of this blog is going to be like a public record or journal for me to record my Ameriplan Business on. I will be writing about how it's going, what I'm feeling, and what does and doesn't work along the way! And if any of you would like to take this ride with me, COME ON ABOARD!

I am very excited and I will be reporting everything I can right here in my Blog! So, please come back and see me, better yet, jump on this ride with me and experience it for yourself! You can click on one of my websites below or email me at my email address! Hope to here from you soon!

Jackie Mower