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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Benefits with Ameriplan

Hey everyone, So I just wanted to share with you all the Benefits that Ameriplan offers for your whole family! If you are anything like me, then you don't have any kind of health insurance. That was my main attraction to Ameriplan. I have a medical issue that I have to see my Doctor once a month and my payment is $125 and then my medication was almost $400 a month. Since I started using Ameriplan my prescriptions have almost split in half and my monthly Dr's. visit is at $75. What a huge financial relief that was for me! On top of that, a medication I used to take gave me really bad problems with my teeth and the dental benefits I get with Ameriplan are going to be great. I found out it will cost me at least 50% less than without using the Ameriplan Dental benefit!So anyway just thought I would give a SHOUT OUT to the Amerpaln Benefits! If you do not have insurance or have poor coverage, you should think about giving Ameriplan a try. Check it out at Jackie Mower

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