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Friday, May 11, 2012

Overwhelming Emotions

Happy Friday everyone,

I am feeling overwhelmed with emotion this morning, with happiness and sadness. Alexandria and Kyliyah have been through so much in the last two weeks, possibly witnessing the murders of their mother and older sister, or even just knowing that they were killed by someone they loved and trusted. They witnessed him commit suicide, which could have been the third death that they witnessed in a two week time. All three, being people they loved and cared about. It is going to be a long and painful recovery for these two little girls, and I will continue to pray for them always. I hope that they will be able to have a full and happy future, and trust that God will take care of them. I don't know why this happened, why three people had to die, but I do know that God gave those two little girls their mom and sister as angels to watch over them and get them home safely. Unfortunately, we can't take back things we do or say. That is why we must make the right decision all of the time, because there is no going back. We can control our thoughts and actions, and when we accept the Lord into our lives, making the right decision won't seem so hard. Those little girls should have never gone through what they did and knowing what lies ahead for them is heartbreaking. I hope everyone understands that those girls lost three people that they loved and cared about, and them just trying to understand why one of those people is responsible for their loss and pain is going to be excruciating for them. Let's try to remember that for their sake. I hope you all hug your babies a little tighter, and tell them you love them even more. Please keep Alexandria, Kyliyah, and their families in your thought and prayers throughout this difficult time. Be considerate, because these girls will probably make their way to the internet eventually, and try to read everything that has been written about them and this tragedy. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend! T
alk to you soon!