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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Praying For The Missing Bain Sisters!

****UPDATE****UPDATE****UPDATE**** May 10,2012 Sisters Alexandria and Kyliyah Bain have been found ALIVE! Adam Mayes has died from a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head earlier Thursday evening, when a special operations team from the Mississippi Highway Patrol and officers from the state Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks started to approach and apprehend him. This comes after an almost 2 week search of the girls along with their mother Jo Ann Bain and older sister Adrienne Bain, both killed by Mayes on April 27th, according to Mayes wife Teresa Mayes, who has been charged with First Degree Murder and Kidnapping. i just want to say Thank you Lord! I knew you would hear all of our prayers and you did! Thank nyou so much for sparing the lives of those 2 young girls!! Please keep the girls and their families in your thoughts and prayers, as they are now in for a long and painful recovery following the trauma they have been through and the loss of their mother and sister. This is far from over for them and we need to remember that. Thanks to all who shared this story, and helped get these girls home safely! ,
Hi Everyone
I wanted to write a quick post on a subject very different from what I normally write about. On April 27, 2012, a mother and her three daughters went missing from their Whiteville, Tn home. Unfortunately, the mother and oldest daughter were found killed, and the two younger daughters are still missing. The suspect is considered a family friend, who has spent a lot of time with this family, someone they trusted. The mother, Jo Ann Bain, was 31 years old, and the oldest daughter, Adrienne Bain, was 14 years old. Their bodies were found buried in a shallow grave, in the backyard of Adam Mayes in Guntown, Ms. The two younger daughters are thought to still be alive and with Adam Mayes. They are Alexandria Bain,12, and Kyliyah Bain,8. He has been added to the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List.
Please be on the lookout for him and these two sweet, innocent babies. He is being searched for in Mississippi and Tennessee. He may have altered his appearance by cutting his hair and coloring it a darker color, and may have also altered Alexandra and Kyliyah's appearance. It is believed that they may be traveling in a white Alero, like the one pictured below. Share this post and get these pictures out to anyone you may know or can reach. Let's help bring these angel's home to their family. Also, please show your support by wearing a green ribbon, posting the green ribbon above to your Facebook profile pic, and also, by leaving your porch light on until these babies are brought home safely. The color green is being used because it is the favorite color of the two sisters. Thank you, and I will be back to my regular blog soon! Until then, let's pray for this family and these little girls to be found!

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